Company Statement

Why do harvesters come to San Quintin to work for BerryMex?

Traditionally, the San Quintin agriculture region has attracted workers from all over Mexico, including Oaxaca, Puebla, Chiapas, Guerrero and other southern states. BerryMex has provided employment opportunities for the growing number of migrant workers that come to San Quintin, employing thousands of harvesters.

BerryMex provides comprehensive harvest employment opportunities including:

  • Offering an average earning opportunity of between $5.00 – $9.00 (USD) per hour, ($75.00 mxp – $135,00 mxp) -and up to $10.00 (USD) ($150.00 mxp) per hour for high performers, resulting in the average weekly earnings of $3 600.00 pesos or $240.00 (USD) to 7,200.00 pesos or $480.00 (USD).
  • This is approximately 8x the minimum federal wage and as much as 16x for high performers.
  • BerryMex pays overtime, 7th day pay, holiday pay, vacation bonus and Christmas bonus in accordance with Federal labor laws.
  • BerryMex has introduced three new berries (Raspberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries) into the region, providing an extended harvest season and more stable employment opportunities.
  • Enrollment of 100% of workers into the benefits of the social security system (IMSS) as well as INFONAVIT, a Federal housing subsidy program.
  • Increased earning potential through innovation that allows for improved crop quality and harvesting techniques.
  • Provides growth opportunities that allow workers to elevate into positions as crew leaders, ranch managers, irrigation specialists and joint-venture partners.
  • Offers the “Sembrando Salud” program exclusively to field workers, which is a culturally sensitive health education program designed to prevent obesity and diabetes amongst the farm worker population.
  • Access to on-site medical clinics and mobile clinics for preventative and overall healthcare in partnership with IMSS (Social security).

Berrymex has demonstrated its commitment to its employees, their values, and their willingness to promote an environment of healthy and rewarding work.