Our Culture

The culture of Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) is defined by our core values of Honesty, Fairness and Respect, inherited from the family values of Mr. Joseph “Ed” Reiter, one of the founding Reiter family members, more than a century ago. These core values are integral to RAC’s identity and serve as our compass, guiding our decision making and direction.

“We respect our workers by providing a safe work environment and by respecting them as we do our own family members. Honesty is who we are, what we say is what we do. When making decisions within the company, fairness is our guideline. We take our workers into account as well as our company.” – Garland Reiter, CEO

Although RAC is a global fresh berry producer, we have managed to maintain the feel of a small family-owned business. As such, employees take pride in being a part of the RAC family and are passionate about contributing in their respective capacities to growing the highest quality berries. Our environment is marked by dedicated employees who balance their passion and work ethic with fun. The entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive at RAC and is best illustrated by the many partnerships that have formed from previous employees, many of whom began their berry growing journey as farm workers or field harvesters. As we continue to grow and expand into new geographies, our people, values and culture will no doubt lead the way for generations to come.