Leadership Development


Leadership Development

At Reiter Affiliated Companies, developing our leaders is critical to our success. We believe in our employees and invest in their training and growth to ultimately inspire great leadership throughout our organization. We have identified core competencies that are integrated into our employee job plans, fostering continuous self improvement, driving personal growth and inspiring effective leadership. We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire commitment and leadership development in others. Together with our Strategic Job and Performance Plans, our organizational development programs align our employees to our company’s global strategies and drive our future success.

Our Programs

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Emotional Intelligence Training
Ranch Manager Development
Crew Leader Development
Lean Initiative

Intelligence Training

Based on the principles and theories of Dr. Daniel Goleman, RAC has partnered with Dr. Relly Nadler, psychologist, Master Executive Coach and President of Truenorth Leadership to develop “Emotional Intelligence (EI)” training for our management teams. His focus is to develop an effective management style utilizing EI to have a more positive impact on performance.

Ranch Manager
Development Program

This is an extensive program developed specifically for our Ranch Managers who handle the day-to-day operations on our farms. The program leverages key competencies, such as discipline, communication and humility which are incorporated and practiced from our high-performing managers in both the U.S. and Mexico. Master facilitators conduct sessions and offer additional leadership tools to continuously foster and promote effective relationship -building and communication techniques for our ranch managers.

Crew Leader
Development Program

Similar to the Ranch Manager Development Program we also leverage core competencies with our crew leaders who manage our harvesters. These leadership skills focus on incorporating qualities such as fairness, respect, empathy and teamwork into everyday job functions. Our facilitators conduct recurring sessions which offer our crew managers tools to instill quality leadership techniques.

Lean Initiative

At RAC, we are committed to driving efficiencies throughout our business, eliminating waste and increasing performance and continuous improvement. Our leaders are trained and educated on this “lean” philosophy and key strategic concepts are promoted from top to bottom, then bottom to top; driving a culture that strives to curb waste in processes, practices and operational systems throughout the organization.

Internship Program

Interns are a critical piece to attracting the best and brightest talent in the industry. Many of our past interns have undergone extensive training and are now part of our strong leadership team.

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