Reiter Affiliated Companies partner, BerryMex, first started growing in Mexico in 1991. The company’s beginning years allowed BerryMex to learn and evolve into a high quality supplier of berries into the international marketplace. In turn, RAC gained insightful knowledge into growing within Mexico’s varied climatic and geographic locations, as well as an unparalleled experience with the rich culture of Mexico. Starting with a small test plot in Jocotepec, Jalisco in 1991, to expanding into San Quintin, Baja in 2000, this bi-national partnership has allowed RAC to evolve into the largest fresh multi-berry producer in both Mexico and the Unites States. Our relationship with BerryMex continues to grow and develop as our partnerships.

Berrymex has operations in Baja California, Jalisco, and Michoacán.


Portugal and Morocco

Although RAC's partners produce export fruit for the European market, that market is dominated by European growers. Due in part to rising gas prices and the inherent loss of fruit quality from delays involved in air travel, RAC extended its farming operations through partnerships in Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal and Agadir, Morocco to provide fruit specifically for European consumption.

Though the operations are relatively small, there is substantial growth potential for berry cultivation in these regions. Due to the temperate climate, Portugal has the potential to grow strawberries and raspberries year round. In addition, providing premium quality fruit to the European consumer has created a niche in Europe's marketplace.