Bees help to pollinate our plants, allowing for healthy production and perfectly shaped berries. Seaweed provides an excellent source of minerals and natural hormones that improve plant growth and vigor. Worms assist in breaking down organic matter that is later used to produce organic and natural fertilizers. Sustainable growing systems allow us to offer organic selections of all four of our berry commodities, year-round.

The Art and Science of Organic

Exploring and understanding how to work in harmony with Mother Earth and to maximize natural ecological cycles has produced stronger soils, healthy plants and a bountiful harvest of high quality berries on many of our certified organic farms. With sustainability in mind, we strive to create a collaborative team effort in sharing innovative ideas and practices throughout the company. Through this spirit of innovation, we have found natural products, like kelp and worm castings that can revitalize the soil and provide valuable nutrients to our plants, ultimately leading to a successfully sustainable operation.