How It Works

Our values of honesty, fairness and respect frame our philanthropic strategy. Through our local philanthropy committees, the priority needs of the farmworker community are identified. Subsequently, projects are designed or chosen that have the potential to solve the problems identified and associations are established with governments, other companies, civil society and the beneficiary community. Finally, we seek to measure results and improve our future actions.


Through non-profit organizations, we support projects that have the following characteristics:

      1. Benefit the community of agricultural workers (agricultural laborers). The main beneficiaries of the donations we make must be farm workers and their immediate relatives.
      2. Offer opportunities to improve people’s quality of life. At RAC our primary focus is to solve the problems that afflict people, in such a way that a medium and long-term impact is generated. In this sense, it is donated to projects of education, health and those that allow creating a healthy life in a broad sense of the word.
      3. Take place in the communities where we operate. All our projects must be implemented in communities where we have production or in those where our workers come from.