Sembrando Salud


Reiter Affiliated Companies’ Sembrando Salud Program strives to improve health outcomes among the farm worker population by creating healthy ranch communities through an obesity and diabetes prevention and management pilot program in the US and Mexico, with the potential to be replicated in other farm worker communities.

“To Inspire Health and Happiness”

The vision of Sembrando Salud is to empower field employees and their families to make educated choices that lead to improved health and happiness through educating and engaging employers to be a catalyst towards a healthier and more productive agricultural community.


Our Partners

We believe that Sembrando Salud can be an important vehicle to create a healthy and happy workforce that will result in greater individual success, the success of the farming operation and the overall success of the company. It is our intention to offer a sustainable program that will be embraced by the diverse agricultural employer community throughout California with a common vision and goal to improve the health of those who harvest our crops and therefore create the value in our business.

  • sembrando-photo-1
    • Sembrando Salud families enjoy a beautiful day of hiking.
  • sembrando-photo-2
    • Raspberry worker, Adelaida Dominguez, is happy to receive a Sembrando Salud bag filled with healthy goodies.
  • sembrando-photo-3
    • Strawberry worker, Alberto Beneros, proudly demonstrates his certificate of completion for Pasos Saludables.

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