Company Statement

Joint Statement : FIOB & BerryMex

BerryMex extended an invitation to Frente Indígena de Organizaciones (FIOB) leaders and third party observers, Edward Kissam, Cruz Reynoso, and Laura Velasco, to a transparent interactive visit to its Baja operation, opening the door to company culture and employee welfare.

During the visit, all parties were respectful, participatory, and engaged with the unrestricted process, where guests were free to observe working conditions and interact with employees. Participants witnessed BerryMex’s commitment to its values of honesty, fairness, and respect.

BerryMex’s progressive nature was acknowledged by all, as was constructive input from the visitors. The third party observers will provide further thoughtful feedback regarding their experience and observations. This input will provide the basis for further collaboration between both organizations to complement BerryMex’s efforts to positively impact its workforce and community at large in San Quintín.

Romualdo Juan Gutierrez
Coordinación Binacional FIOB

Hector Lujan
General Director BerryMex