Company Statement

BerryMex Addresses Its Employees Needs and Shares News of a Salary Increase

San Quintin B.C.- BerryMex, an important agricultural grower in the San Quintin Valley, announced to its workers an increase in wages as an enhancement to its benefits and compensation package. Over the past several days, BerryMex held direct conversations with its harvesters to discuss and address their expressed labor needs, as part of the company’s commitment to ongoing dialogue.

As it has done throughout the past 15 years, BerryMex during conversations with employees, reiterated its respect for the workers, acknowledging their instrumental role in harvesting its berries each season. Reaction to the news was met with positive support.

Through this process, BerryMex demonstrated its commitment to its employees, its values and its willingness to promote a healthy and rewarding work environment.