Company Statement

BerryMex Confirms Their Promise to Their Employees

San Quintin, B.C.- BerryMex, an important agricultural grower in the valley of San Quintin, expressed their concerns over the current situation that has been developing over the past few days between harvesters and the agricultural growers of the region. It reiterates its promise to collaborate in finding the best possible solution for all of the involved parties, and in a manner that benefits everyone.

BerryMex emphasizes their respect for the worker´s rights to peacefully protest, as well as the value of the dialogue that can be established through this process. Nevertheless, they strongly condemn the violence and looting that has taken place, by third parties, negatively impacting families and small business within the region.

BerryMex´s main focus has always been and will continue to be the wellbeing of their employees and is actively working with local authorities to ensure they, as well as the local community, are protected.

Likewise, it reiterates its respect for the employees, that for 15 years have worked for BerryMex and have always been key contributors in the successful performance of all work related to farming and harvesting.

BerryMex maintains open communications with its employees in order to resolve any questions that may arise and prevent any misunderstandings.

Since it started operations, BerryMex is a company founded on honesty, fairness and respect for all whom are a part of it. Throughout its history, they have maintained a respectful working environment, which is demonstrated by the benefits to their employees, the company and the industry. The agricultural industry provides 90% of the employment opportunities in the area of San Quintin, Baja California where BerryMex operates.

BerryMex is constantly searching for innovations that allow better working conditions for their employees in addition to offering more work opportunities throughout the community. For example, they have been able to extend the harvest seasons from 4 to 9 months due to the increase of controlled environments that not only produce better quality fruit, but also generates better earning opportunities for the workers that harvest the land.

A fundamental interest of the company is to continue to generate jobs, not only for those who live in San Quintin and in the surrounding communities, but also for workers from other states of the country such as Puebla or further south.