Sembrando Salud


To Inspire Health and Happiness

Obesity is one of the top public health issues worldwide. Mexico’s obesity trend has been alarming, to the point of becoming the country with the highest incidence of obesity in the world. In 2010, RAC partnered with the Fundacion Mexicana Para el Desarrollo Rural to implement Sembrando Salud, a work based health education and intervention program designed with the University of California to prevent obesity and diabetes among the farm worker population. The program engages employees in preventative behavior including health care visits, healthy eating and physical activity habits. The program has continued to grow and evolve, with a focus on a comprehensive approach to “Creating Healthy Ranch Communities”, empowering participants to promote healthier environment for themselves, their families, and their community, as well as fostering an environment where participants support each other and are accountable to the group for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The vision of Sembrando Salud is to empower field employees and their families to make educated choices that lead to improved health and happiness through educating and engaging employers to be a catalyst towards a healthier and more productive agricultural community.


  1. Foster a vibrant & healthy farm worker community.
  2. Create a culturally relevant and economically viable health outreach model that is sustainable and has the potential to reach large segments of the farm worker population.
  3. Reduction in health risks associated with obesity, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity with agricultural workers and their families.
  4. Inspire employer engagement and commitment to health and wellness for the benefit of their workforce while enhancing the business bottom line.
  5. Establish relationships with foundations, donors, service providers, employers, educators, and others that can expand these efforts.