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Reiter Affiliated Companies Redesigns Its Philanthropy Program With A Mission and Vision That Is Committed To The Future

Berry Grower Unveils New Strategic Direction For Philanthropic Activities Across Global Operations

March 19, 2021 – (Oxnard, California) – Allison Reiter-Kambic, Chair of the Reiter Philanthropy Steering Committee, announces new Mission and Vision and focus areas of Health and Education for the Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) Philanthropy Program. These changes are the result of a Strategic Planning session focused on driving the next fifteen years of the company’s philanthropic activities.

The new mission and vision are:

  • Mission: To provoke enduring changes in the quality of life of the farmworker community by catalyzing partnerships that improve education and health.
  • Vision: Farmworker families are proudly living healthy and fulfilling lives as valued members of our communities.

With this new strategic direction, Philanthropy projects will now have a focus on the health and education of farm workers and their families, particularly those who live in the communities where we operate.

In addition, RAC philanthropy committees will seek to participate in projects with implementation periods of 3 to 5 years, with the intent of helping create positive change and measuring impact. This foundational change in the programs strategy will also encourage committees to partner with local organizations, foundations, community leaders, companies and government agencies in order to help drive collaborative change.

“At RAC we strongly believe we must focus on the future and be guided by a vision that seeks the prosperity of our communities,” said Citlali Fuentes, Global Director of Philanthropy for Reiter. “For this reason, we will continue searching for opportunities to support farm workers and their families in our communities through new programming and collaborations with local institutions.”

To ensure philanthropy committees are on the right track, a series of metrics have been identified in the education and health categories, which will be measured annually and will help course correct and improve programmed activities, year after year. Some of the variables to be measured on the topic education are: access to education, school performance, graduation rates, educational resources, educational content and infrastructure; and on the subject of health they are: health promotion, early diagnosis, health protection, treatment and rehabilitation.