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Reiter Affiliated Companies Employee Accepted For 50th Class of California Agricultural Leadership Program

Yezmin Carrasco Admitted as Fellow of Class 50

October 10, 2019 – (Oxnard, California) – Yezmin Carrasco,  Business Process Improvement Manager for Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC), was selected for Class 50 of the California Agricultural Leadership Program.

Yezmin joins twenty-three individuals for an advanced leadership development experience for emerging agricultural leaders. During this 17-month program, she will participate in seminars focused on leadership theory, effective communication, motivation, critical and strategic thinking, change management, emotional intelligence and complex social and cultural issues.

“I feel very honored to be part of Class 50,” said Yezmin Carrasco. “I can’t wait to start this journey that I am sure will last a lifetime. I would like to thank RAC for their unconditional support in applying to this program”

Carrasco first joined RAC in 2004 after finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico. She started as a Production Coordinator for RAC’s affiliate, BerryMex, in their Central Mexico operations where she developed analytical tools to support daily production operations.

Since then, Carrasco’s role and responsibilities have evolved, leading to her current position where she is actively involved in projects that involve transformation, implementations and process improvements and acts as a liaison between ranch users and the Information Technology department.

Yissel Barajas, Ag Leadership Class 40 graduate and Chief Human Resources Officer at Reiter, also shared, “Yezmin has grown tremendously in her career journey with us and we are excited for her interest in pursuing new educational opportunities through the Ag Leadership Program.”

The inauguration of Class 50 will take place on October 10, 2019 at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District in Clovis, California.

Previous California Agricultural Leadership Program graduates include Yissel Barajas and Southern District Partnership Manager, Luis Calderon.