Company Statement


San Quintin, B.C. Mexico – BerryMex, an important agricultural grower in the San Quintin Valley, sincerely welcomes and celebrates the agreements reached yesterday between all parties involved, for the restoration of order and joint collaboration for the welfare and growth of the local region. BerryMex appreciates the dialogue that took place, rather than violence, as a means of communication essential to obtaining common objectives for all.

BerryMex reiterates their constant commitment to its workforce in providing them, at all times, with the best working conditions and compensation in recognition of their arduous and significant work.

Since the beginning of its operations, Berrymex has worked on offering their workers a greater earning potential and an attractive benefits package, as well as a safe and respectful working environment.

Finally, BerryMex is confident that this will be the start of a strong future for the San Quintin Valley and the community, in which all work will continue to be jointly organized to restore peace and public order; as well as support the need to promote greater opportunities for social and economic development for the local area and, in consequence, to the municipality of Ensenada, B.C.