Company Statement

BerryMex Statement

In response to the latest events that have taken place in the San Quintín Valley, Berrymex declares the following:

  • We express our absolute respect for the rights of workers to demonstrate and protest, as well as their right to freedom of speech and expression, as long as their actions are respectful to general order and peace.
  • We condemn the violence and/or any physical acts against the wellbeing of others, as well as any action that may cause property damage, regardless of who initiated those acts.
  • We expect all parties to act within the law and respect human rights in order to moderate the present differences.
  • We are concerned with the wellbeing of our employees, their families, and the general community. Our workers should not be afraid of leaving their homes to go to work, and should be able to do so under safe and secure conditions.
  • We demand respect be given to our employees and workers at all times, as well as the establishment of the necessary conditions for peace and safety for the entire community.
  • We request the government to continue an open dialogue with the parties involved to address the root causes of the conflict in a non-violent manner.