5K Fun Run & Walk

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Sembrando Salud believes in providing opportunities through which farm workers and their families can go outdoors and exercise in a fun and safe environment. In 2017, Sembrando Salud will host three 5K events; taking place in Watsonville, Santa Maria and Oxnard, California. The vision for these events is to help create healthy habits through fun and family oriented events among the farm worker community.

The first 5K of the year, The Berry Fun Color Run, took place in Watsonville at Ramsay Park on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Over 100 people enjoyed the event, which included free breakfast and lunch snack, children’s activity area and speaking with representatives from community agencies.

Sponsors for the Berry Fun Color Run Include

Reiter Affiliated Companies, Reiter Berry Farms, JAL Berry Farms, San Benito Farms, Fuentes Berry Farms, River Valley Farms, BE Berry Farms, Sunset Bay Farms, 3rd Gen Berry Farms, El Camino Berry Farms, Maripa Berry Farms, Driscoll’s, Quiedan Company, True Organics, Health Stat, AgroPlasticos, Grand Topham, Epa Plasticos, Dr. Raymond Lopez, and Navid Dayzad, Esq.

For more information please contact Sembrando.Salud@berry.net.